About The Brand

Writing an About "us" always seems funny to me since this is a one-man operation, but Welcome to the Community! I am Garrison McCrorey, Designer, Creator, Printer, etc... for Rapax Dry Goods.        TLDR: Rapax is somewhat a reflection of my thoughts. The brand develops as I progress through life, and I do my best to turn these thoughts into something physical; ie screen-printed garments.  In 2012 I thought up the “RAPAX”  moniker for my friendgroup. We were from a small town in South Carolina, and all creatives in some sense of the word; our interests ranging from design to music production to skateboarding, to car modifications, and so on... At the time I just wanted a name to describe our collective, but since then Rapax has developed into a passion, dream, and creative outlet. I purchased my first (current) screen-printing press in 2019 and have been the sole screen-printer of all apparel since that point. 

- Garrison McCrorey